Spa & fitness


Spa & fitness

This is the perfect place to dive into the peaceful atmosphere



Run away from the noisy city streets and everyday worries. Plunge into the bliss of feeling your body and life itself. Trust the touches of caring hands and open your soul to good aspirations. Return to yourself and feel the inner harmony, then to return to the world updated. This is what the beauty and health centers of the future, beauty salons united by one abbreviation – SPA – offer all over the world.



Each training is conducted under the guidance of experienced professional coaches, who lead group and private lessons. The gym is equipped with the latest simulators of the last generation, which makes it possible to effectively engage and develop different muscle groups. In our center you can pass a fitness test and get advice from a sports doctor. The effectiveness of classes largely depends on a well-chosen program. Specialists Studio Camelot will help develop the right diet, determine the physical load and an exercise program.